The Infinite Scholars Program is hosting a FREE Scholarship Fair so don't miss this opportunity! Some colleges and universities will be granting admissions and awarding scholarships to eligible students on the spot. Click the "Register" button and select the proper link if you are a Student, College, Non Student, Or Volunteer and fill out the registration form. 

9/15/2024 Sunday, St. Louis, Missouri, 2pm-5pm
9/17/2024 Tuesday, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 9am-1pm
9/18/2024 Wednesday, Cincinnati, Ohio, 10am-2pm
9/24/2024 Tuesday, Gary, Indiana, 9am-12pm
9/25/2024 Wednesday, Lansing, Illinois, 10am-2pm
9/26/2024 Thursday, Chicago, Illinois, TBD
10/3/2024 Thursday, Charlotte, North Carolina, 9am-1pm
10/4/2024 Friday, Durham, North Carolina, TBD
10/9/2024 Wednesday, Ypsilanti, Michigan, TBD
10/10/2024 Thursday,  Detroit, Michigan, 4pm-7pm
10/12/2024 Saturday, Richmond, Virginia, 10am-2pm
10/14/2024-10/17/2024  Monday - Thursday, Atlanta, Georgia, 9am-2pm
10/22/2024 Tuesday, Rockford, Alabama, TBD
1/18/2025 Saturday, Jacksonville, Florida, 10am-2pm
1/21/2025-1/22/2025 Tuesday - Wednesday, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, (Tue) 9am-12pm, 4pm-7pm, (Wed) 9am-12pm
1/25/2025 Saturday, DeSoto, Texas, 9am-1pm
2/23/2025 Sunday, St. Louis, Missouri, 2:30pm-5pm

NOTE:  Fair Schedule is subject to change


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